Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wierdie Magnet

I don't know what it is about me, but I swear all wierdie people are attracted to me. No matter where I am, they find me. Seriously people, I am a full-blown wierdie magnet. Today proved, once again, that even in my own home, I am not safe from the wierdies of the world. Let me tell you the story...

Today, I got three wrong number calls, none of whom spoke english. The first time my phone rang, I answered and patiently tried to explain to the man, using my very limited spanish speaking skills, that I was not Jose and that my number was not ever going to connect to him. The second time, I was slightly less patient but still polite as I again explained, in spanish, that there was still no Jose here. By the third call I was frustrated and I was mad. I was frustrated with my limited spanish knowledge and I was mad at Jose for giving all his friends MY number and not HIS OWN. So when I answered my phone and yet another spanish speaking man greeted me from the other side and said "Jose?" I almost lost it. Unfortunately, I have this problem where I feel bad hanging up on people and therefore forced myself to nicely tried to get the man off my phone. So I once again repeated that I was not Jose. The man then rambled on in spanish for a while, only about half of which I actually understood. I did completely understand his last sentence though. You know, the one where he told me that he was the one that had called twice before and then asked me to be his girlfriend. At that moment, I no longer felt bad about hanging up on him.

I am never answering my phone again.


  1. Haha I used to get calls all the time for Derek plus half naked texts for......well I'm guessing Derek haha, hatedddddd it so I know how you feel huni!

  2. I love when you say reminds me of you and Katie!

  3. That is weird. I hope it stops.

  4. I just never answer my phone if it's not a number that's in my phone.

  5. Hi :) I'm a new follower!

    This is so funny!! I can't believe he asked to be your boyfriend ha! Yea, you should probably screen your calls! Haha