Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update: Wierdie Magnet

Remember my Mexican Phone Stalker? You know, the one that wanted to be my boyfriend? Well, that situation has since progressed from bad, to worse. Stupid me for thinking that hanging up on the guy would deter him from calling me again, right? Anyway, after the hang up incident, he preceded to call me multiple times... daily. Not once did I answer the phone, and still he called and called. Up until an hour or so ago my favorite was when he called at 0345 and left me a message that simply said, "MUJER!" Had it not been left for me in the middle of the night I may have been slightly amused. I mean, it's not everyday a person gets a Mexican Phone Stalker, right?

Well, I'm pretty sure that Stalker Man is gone for good this time, which leads me to my favorite part of the story. Finally, after 5 calls today, I had to call in the big guns: my little brother. Now when I say little brother I'm sure you're picturing an actual little brother. You know, someone smaller and slightly annoying. Well, you would be wrong. In my case, my little brother is more like my giant, smarter, bear-like brother who I like to think of as my personal bodyguard.

So when I got the 5th call of the night and Stalker left a lovely message, something along the lines of, "My friend says he loves you. He can't live without you. Ay yay yay!" I wasn't even close to amused. When my phone rang again two seconds later, I ran to Brother's room, threw open the door and begged for help! Very man-like Brother said, "Give me the phone. I'll take care of it." And let me tell you, take care of it he did! He played the role of intimidating male figure well. And when that really wasn't working out he said something including "policia" and my problem was magically solved.

So next time you think you may have a potential Mexican Phone Stalker on your hands, call me. I'll let you borrow my bodyguard. He happens to be a pro now.


  1. Haha, this is awesome.. especially when they said "Ay yay yay!"... how crazy!!

  2. Hahaha... that's great! Glad you got the situation taken care of.

  3. Bwa ha ha habahah ha. You know, I think everyone wins here. A man seems gets to experience the dizzying passion of being obsessively in love with you (aka: harassment), your brother realizes how awesome he is (aka: intimidation) and you get to have two men fight over you (aka: brother vs. stalker).

    I say, drinks all around!

  4. Bigger little brothers are the best. I've got one, too. :)

  5. LOL, when all else fails, "policia" rings in loud a clear...
    So glad you had your brother to help, and so glad the creepy stalker guy got a life =)
    Stopping by from the RoundUp, nice to meet you!!

  6. Hi! I found you from the Weekly Roundup!

    That is hilarious! I mean, the ending is hilarious. I'm sure the entire experience was pretty frustrating. But yes, gotta love brothers!