Monday, October 25, 2010

List of Love

I feel like with this deployment, people are always expecting me to be sad and miserable. To be honest, sometimes I am. But with all of the people I love around me and with school and work as distractions, I am by no means a constant Negative Nancy. So, I am going to make a list of a few things I love about life right now:

  • Pumpkin muffins! I made them for Chris' Halloween box [they're his favorite] and I haven't stopped making them since! I'm addicted.

Easiest recipe ever! Let me know if you want it!

  • My Little Brother. Man how I missed him when we both moved away! I am beyond happy to have him home all the time with me. Even when he's trying to booby trap my room or put his feet on my face. Now that's love!

    Who could ever resist that face?! Plus, he saved me from my Mexican Phone Stalker. I'm forever greatful.
  • And, last but not least, my quest for Kardashian hair! Oh, how I love love love long, dark hair. I've almost gotten the long part down. Now, I just have to wait for my hair color appointment!
As you can see, my roots have been growing out for about a million years making my hair about 3 different colors. Gross.

So there you go, people. I think those are some pretty wonderful reasons to be happy, don't you?! So next time you're thinking to yourself that I'm probably sitting around the house being a grumpy, old troll, there's a 95% chance you're wrong. And that other 5% of the time I'm probably doing homework so that doesn't even really count. Goodbye Negative Nancy, Hello Positive...Polly?


  1. Haha I'm on a constant quest for Kardashian hair! Congrats on being so positive, it makes time go by a lot faster : )

  2. Oh I know the feeling! Growing hair out takes foreverrrrrr!!

  3. Ohhh I would love your pumpkin muffin recipe. It sounds amazing!

  4. I am loving your attitude! You go girl, show that deployment who's boss!! :)

  5. I will be hoping for some pumpkin muffins when u decide to bless me with ur beautiful presence...

  6. Awesome attitude girlie!!!! Keep it up and before you know it...your hubs will be back in your arms! It's okay to live your life while he is deployed....he wants you too!

    Awesome care package you sent him too!

    And...I WANT some Kardashian hair! Mine is too short and I don't have the patients to go it out.

    I found you through the milspouse weekly round up. I can't wait to read more!

  7. I am totally jealous of the hair, I get so bored with mine but I don't want to dye it anymore or cut it, but then I see a super cute short style and I really think about it. lol.

    It's really awesome to hear such a great attitude :) keep it up. I'm a new follower!

  8. Yay for Kardashian hair! I'm behind you...about 6 inches behind you, but we're all headed toward the same goal. :)