Monday, July 25, 2011

Island Adventures

Husband and I go on outings we like to call "island adventures". On these adventures, we head out of the house with water bottles, music and some tennis shoes, just in case. We buckle our seat belts and go wherever the road takes us. On our last adventure, we were driving down a random road along the coast when I looked over and saw the peak of a lighthouse peaking out from behind a mountain.

[See the tiny lighthouse behind the palms?]

Naturally, we needed to hike the path that brought us closer to it. So up we went! We climbed and climbed, twisted and turned along a path that seemed to go on forever. Along the way, we stopped to enjoy the beautiful scenery (and to catch our breath):

And then finally, we made it to the top! Much to my surprise however, we did not find a lighthouse at the end of that path. Instead we found a miniature lighthouse decoy!

For my first real lighthouse, it was a bit of a disappointment. Luckily, the view from the top made up for it because it was absolutely stunning up there on that mountain top.

After enjoying a view like that, how could we keep the smiles off of our faces?

Even with the lighthouse disappointment, we still had an amazing adventure together. And really, that's all that matters. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Date Day

A week or so ago, Husband and I decided to have a date day and my first place of choice was Dole Plantation! All I had on my mind was the pineapple ice cream but Husband had other plans for us. He had his heart set on completing the giant pineapple-shaped maze that happens to be the largest in the world. Normally, I would have been all for adventure but having previously been in that maze, I knew it wasn't going to be as easy as Husband seemed to think it would!

As soon as we got our tickets and stepped through the turnstile at the start of the maze, Husband realized what he had gotten himself into:

The purpose of the maze is to get a stamp from nine different hidden stations hidden throughout the maze. After ten minutes, we ended up right back where we started without even one stamp on our cards. So we went in again...

Twenty minutes later we had found the same station 3 different times. So we decided to change our plan of attack:

We crept through bushes...

We made our own paths...

And after an hour of searching, we had still found less than half of the stations! Accepting out defeat, we strolled out of the maze and straight inside for pineapple ice cream!

Two minutes after I got my ice cream, my cone decided to crumble into a million pieces and a giant blob of ice cream landed right on my leg. Husband and I locked eyes for just a second before he reached over, grabbed the scoop off my leg and popped it right into his mouth! It was definitely a date day I will never forget!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hawaiian House Pets: Husband Edition

Let me just begin by saying I had almost forgotten how disgusting and weird Husband really is. In the year we spent apart, all of the burps and farts and wet PT socks in the kitchen faded from my mind. Within the first week of Husband being home, I quickly remembered. Of all the things that Husband has done in the last few weeks, his "house pet" is by far the worst.

In our apartment, we have two bathrooms. This means I get my own bathroom where I can cover the counters in makeup and hair products without having to worry about Husband messing it all up. While I was busy reveling in the glory of personal space, I neglected to realize how concerned I should be about giving Husband his own space. When I went into Husband's bathroom to collect his towel on laundry day, I looked down to discover the world's biggest spider living on the baseboard.

After bravely snapping a picture, I ran from the room to get Husband so he could kill the beast. When I frantically told him about the monstrous spider living in his bathroom, I was not at all prepared for his response which was, "Oh yeah, I knew it was there. I'm keeping it, like a pet." I'm sure the look on my face was a mixture of disgust and disbelief. Even for Husband, this was a new level of gross and weird.

Obviously I was not about to let Husband keep a "pet" spider in his bathroom. So I grabbed the can of Raid and ventured back into his bathroom. But in the few minutes I was gone, the spider escaped. In an attempt to keep the spider from returning, I sprayed every inch of that baseboard anyway. With Husband's track record, I'm sure I'll walk in to find the spider's dead body on the next laundry day.