Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battle Buddies

I always love it when Chris comes home for lunch, even though normally he's just home long enough to grab a sandwich. Today Chris brought Davidson home with him and they had an hour and a half lunch. Naturally, I was super excited because hanging out alone in the apartment all day is not my idea of fun. Well, within 2 minutes of the two stepping foot in the door, both were sleeping. So much for some company!

(Yes, this is Davidson sleeping. Chris would have woken up if I tried to take his picture. Davidson on the other hand, is known for sleeping through anything.)

While they were sleeping, I decided to be productive and bake some cookies. Really, who wouldn't want to wake up from a nap to a freshly baked cookie? Obviously the guys were pretty grateful because when they left, there were only 5 left. Oh, well. I probably should have known :]. I love my Army man and I'll gladly make cookies for any of the "Battle Buddies" he brings home.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love Hawaii

And this is why.

How can I have a bad day when there is so much beauty surrounding me?

Plus, it's even harder to stay sad when a rainbow leads your way home.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Out to Breakfast

Some mornings, Chris wakes up with fun ideas which always involve me going out in public looking like a hobo. For example, this weekend I woke up to him staring at me. As soon as he saw my eyes open he said, "Oh good. You're awake. Get your jacket and let's go to breakfast."
And that is how we ended up at the best breakfast place on the island, Koa Pancake House!
(I tried to turn the picture and it really didn't work out for me. As you can see.)

We ended up getting two huge omlettes filled with all kinds of veggies and goodness. And of course, since its a pancake house, those omlettes come with the most delicious pancakes of all time. Chris got pecan and being the non-adventurous eater I am, I got plain. Delicious!
I love my little adventures with hubby and I can't wait to find out where we go next weekend.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Army Wife

I'm really starting to like this Army wife life. Cleaning gear and ACU's isn't really so bad when you get to play dress up in it after you're done.

You can't really tell in this picture but along with the helmet and eyepro I also have on elbow pads and knee pads. :]

With all the new things to learn and new people to meet, I could really get use to the Army lifestyle. Plus, the Army Ball is next week and I have a pretty gown to wear!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing Chris

So the Army has decided to keep Chris a little longer. Or maybe a lot longer. No one really knows. He was supposed to be home on the 31st. Then it got pushed back another day. Then some soldier lost his weapon and now no one is allowed to leave. Its a mass punishment kind of thing. So my 42 days of waiting for him to come home have changed into an indefinite number of days now. And the thing is, I would wait for him forever. Still, not knowing when I get to see my love again is not very fun at all. That could be just because I really love countdowns though :].