Friday, October 1, 2010

On the Ball

Chris loves Halloween. It's his very favorite holiday. Don't ask me why, because honestly I have no idea why anyone likes it. I am definitely not a fan. I'm the party pooper of all things Halloween. Sorry. Anyway, even though I'm a Negative Nancy when it comes to celebrating this holiday, I decided to be nice and send Chris the best Halloween box ever. And of course I had to send it at the beginning of the month because he's just so excited he asks for it every time he calls.

So, it all started when I found some adorable spider bags...

Then I had to find some candy to go in them. [Kit-Kat, anyone?]

But then I thought, "Why stop at candy? I think those boys need some cookies!"
So I made cookies...

Dozens and dozens of them.
Peanut Butter.
White Chocolate Chip.

But then I thought, "Why stop at cookies?!"
So then I made pumpkin muffins! [It is fall now afterall.]

And of course, if I was going to bake pumpkin muffins, they would have to be made in the cutest Halloween cupcake papers I could find!
[Isn't that little ghost so cute?]

So maybe Halloween isn't so bad afterall. I mean, I sure had fun baking all that stuff. Picking out the cute Halloween bags wasn't so bad either. And I'm sure Chris and the guys will have tons of fun trick-or-treating for cookies and pumpkin muffins with their spider bags. Maybe putting together this whole box was enough to change my feelings toward Halloween...but probably not.

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