Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Megan Who?

I've been thinking lately that it's about time I share a little more about me. Then I saw Beckie participated in a link up called 100 Facts About Me and I decided to play too. But I can tell you right now, thinking of a whole 100 facts about myself is not going to happen. But some is better than none, right? Ok, here we go!

#1: I am terrible at sharing feelings. In fact, I hate it.

#2: I'm a lefty. But I do most everything right handed because that's the way my brother taught me.

#3: I don't eat anything from the ocean. Or anything with the bones still in.

#4: Water is my favorite beverage. I never go anywhere without a bottle of it. I blame Arizona.

#5: I love shoes. Heels are my favorite but husband won't let me wear them around him because they make me taller. It's very sad.

#6: I am ridiculously naive and extremely gullible. Not a good combination in my experience.

#7: One of my goals was to grow my hair long enough to cover my ta-tas. Now that it is, I refuse to cut it.

#8: Brand New is my favorite band of all time. But country music is my true love.

#9: Husband and I want 3 kids. But we will not be naming one of them Ariel. Even though Husband really, really wants to. Gag. [Sorry if your kid's name is Ariel.]

#10: I've been told that I'm very bossy. But I can't help it that people just listen to me, can I? Husband is the only one it doesn't work with. Even my giant brother listens to me.

#11: I hate being alone. I get lonely instantly and I have no idea how to entertain myself. I'm kind of freaking out about staying alone in Hawaii until Husband gets back. I may not survive.

#12: I have my own waxing pot and we have a love/hate relationship. My eye brows look fantastic but I always seem to forget how painful bikini waxes are until the wax is already stuck on.

#13: My alarm clock is never set for a logical time. In high school, I woke up every morning at 6:27am.

#14: I'm a Chevy girl at heart but I drive a Dodge. And all of my vehicles have been trucks. Unless you count Husband's girly car but I did try to veto that one.

#15: Mom is my very best friend. Even when I'm away, I talk to her every day and I can tell her anything.

#16: Caffiene and I don't get along. And my insomnia has gotten so bad that even my sleeping pills aren't really helping.

#17: I am a giant wierdie and I don't try to hide it at all. I make up words and make wishes on my "birthday minute" and tons of apparently crazy things.

#18: For a class assignment I had to choose my most valuable possessions. I chose family and Husband's love and didn't get full points because my choices were not tangible things. I'm still bitter about it.

#19: I had Invisilign braces for about 9 months because I felt like my teeth were crooked. I still wear a retainer at night because I'm terrified my teeth will move. Husband makes fun of me and asks if I "have my teeth in" like I'm an old lady with dentures.

[Pre-Invisilign and also my 21st birthday]

[After Invisilign and baby nephew, Max]

#20: I have incredible self esteem and think I'm pretty amazing. Nothing can really convince me otherwise, even mean people and drama starters.

Twenty is good, don't you think? How about this: If there is anything else you really want to know about me, just ask. Email or comment and I promise I'll answer because I'm really not shy and besides sharing feelings, I don't hold back either. 


  1. AH! We have two very big things in common.
    One: My alarm clock is NEVER set on normal times, either. If I need to be up around 7, i'll set my alarm clock for something like 7:03 or 6:58. You get the idea.
    Two: I too have very high self esteem. It's hard to come by in other people. And often gets confused with conceit.
    Loved reading this! :)

  2. I wish I had #20. Good for you!

  3. Those are a good amount of facts! Thanks for sharing them! :)

    I think you should've gotten full points! That's not very fair :(

    You are lucky you can wax your own eyebrows! I'm a chicken and haven't been able to lol. I just tweeze them to keep them tidy and get them done at a salon once in a while.

  4. New follower! I saw you on Consider the Lilies :)

  5. New Follower, found you on Consider the Lillies :)
    i loved reading this post! you are a very honest person, a trait which i think is underrated these days!

    ohhh and FYI, i think your teeth looked fine! You are a very beautiful woman and i hope the rest of this deployment goes quickly for you! :)

    Best Wishes from England x

  6. okay missy, you'll have to convince me that there's a difference between your 'before' and 'after' shots because your smile looks perfect in *both* of them. just sayin ! ;)

  7. I get your bitterness over 18. I would have been bitter too. Good for you on 20 I wish more women could say that.