Friday, December 31, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It...

After I threw myself a nice little pity party, I realized that, of course, I have a thousand reasons to be happy, even with my husband half a world away. Really, how could I have forgotten how awesome my life really is?! Here are a few reasons I have ditched my Negative Nancy attitude:
  • My mom, aka the best mom ever, used her awesomeness to get me the BEST Christmas present ever! A homemade, black and white apron with Mrs. Liberato embroidered on it! I have been wanting one for a while now and she surprised me with it! It's even better than I imagined.

  • My pink Reebok butt shaping shoes. Obviously that's not their official name but you get the point. Mom got them for both of us when I first got home months and months ago and I have gone down 3 sizes since then! Needless to say, I absolutely love those shoes [and my new, smaller butt]!

  • A good book and a candle lit bubble bath...or really anything that helps me forget to be stressed about school and deployment. P.S. Bath & BodyWorks new Dark Kiss scent is my new favorite! It smells amazing.

  • Victoria's Secret gift card...need I say more?

  • Most importantly of all, I have pretty much accomplished my goal of Kardashian hair! I do wish my hair would grow a little longer but for now, I am perfectly content with my semi-long, dark curls.

And really, who can be grouchy when they have Kardashian hair?


  1. Your hair, seriously amazing! :) And jealous of your 3 size drop! I need to get me some of those, send me a pic of them, maybe I should order some!

  2. OH I love that apron!!! And I completely agree about BBW "Dark Kiss" scent. Plus I'm completely jealous that you can rock some Kardashian hair :)

  3. if you want longer hair, take some biotin! it makes your hair grow faster! Or you can take prenatals, gynos recommend you take them for a year before you get pregnant anyway.

    I'll be in Phoenix on this weekend. Playdate?

  4. I started Project365, where you take a picture every day for the next 365 days! I thought maybe you would be interested in joining in with me!

    I put up a linky list on my blog today so that other people doing Project365 could share their first Project365 photo for this year!

    Stop by! Join in! Link up!

  5. Okay, you officially need a new post... I've commented here now... What three times?! I LOVE YOUR CARDASHIAN HAIR, OKAYZZZZZ GOSH.