Monday, December 13, 2010

From Free to Fail

I am, naturally, very short on patience. Along with this problem, I also have a very low tolerance for stupid. Having these conditions makes accomplishing anything involving the government pretty much impossible. Like financial aid...

With husband deployed, I chose to come home to Arizona and go back to school. Go me. After my first semester back at ASU, I was given oppotunity to transfer to Grand Canyon University, a private Christian college, to finish out my degree. Normally, I would have just stayed at ASU for convenience, but Grand Canyon gave me the opportunity to attend for free. Of course, I didn't turn that down.

After I had been accepted and all of my paperwork had been signed and delivered, I thought I was home free. That was my first mistake. The school decided that I needed to verify my finacial situation. No problem, right? Wrong.

I sent in my tax forms and my bank information and everything else they asked for, except a copy of husband's 2009 tax info, which just so happens to be in storage, an ocean away from here. After all, why would they even really need his tax form from that year? We weren't even married yet! But it didn't matter; they insisted that I send it in. So I called everyone on the planet trying to get a copy. But guess what? Since we weren't married at the time, I am not authorized to obtain a copy. And that's when the real fun started.

The school started asking me to have my husband call. My response: He can't call. He's deployed. But apparently in the land of college acceptances and government forms, this means nothing. Because their next genius plan was to have him get a copy of the paper and fax it himself. Right then, in that very moment, is when my tolerance for stupid and my patience came to an end. I snapped. I was so mad, I cried. Which probably didn't make my response very intimidating but I said it all the same. My response: That's a great idea! I'm sure my husband, who has very limited time to call, can wait on hold with the IRS for hours to get a copy of that tax form. Oh, and then I'll just send my husband, who happens to be in a war zone, a fax machine. I'm sure, by some miracle, that it will magically work out there in the middle of the desert. Seriously, great idea.

So after that, I'm guessing that I'm probably not accepted anymore. Add that along to the fact that there is no way I am going to pay $8,000 a semester in tuition out of pocket, and it looks like I'm not going to school next semester. Right now, I'm still a little bit too mad to care. But I'm sure, in about 2 days, I'll be crying over this whole situation. Unless someone wants to finance my education...Please?


  1. Ugggghhh... why do things have to be so difficult?

  2. Anyone who works in financial aid is incompetent. I know. Believe me they're effing retarded. Sorry to hear that you had to go through epic proportions of retardation. I feel ya lady!

  3. Ughh I'm sorry to hear that! I feel like every time I've ever been away from David has ended up in some situation like that. He was at AIT when we bought our car, and even with me having a power of attorney it was something like 8 hours of phone calls, FAXES (hahaha every bureaucrat in the world LOVES their fax machines), and tears before the paperwork was done. This current PCS has been the same and he was at WLC for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Let's not even talk about deployment. Meh. Nobody ever gives you problems when he's home!

    So don't feel alone. And I know this sucks. But things will work out in one way or another; I'm a firm believer in that. Keep your head up!