Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Am Not A Hussy

My husband has barely been gone for a week and I've been solicited for sex twice already.

#1: Within days of husband leaving, some kid I went to high school with that has hair like Fabio and, it seems, has recently found a surplus of self esteem, messaged me on Facebook. His exact words were, "So now that your husband is gone, when do we get to hook up?" My response was deleting his disgusting self from my friend list. Ew.

#2: While buying things for a box to send to husband, the guy that was ringing my stuff up saw husband's dog tags and asked if I was in the military. Very proudly, I told him husband is in the Army and is currently deployed. Upon hearing this, a sly smile creeps across his face and he says, "You must really miss sex then. I could help you out with that, you know." Thankfully, I was done paying and just gave him my best look of disgust as I grabbed my stuff and got out of there.

I really don't understand it. I mean, it happened before R&R too but it was no where near as often as twice a week. It's not like I walk around without my ring on and forget to mention that I'm married. Trust me, I talk about husband every chance I get. So what is it then? Do I unknowingly walk around looking like a super-slut or do military wives really have that bad of a reputation for being cheating whores? I'd like to think that since both guys knew my husband is military, it's a military wife reputation thing. But even so, that is really sad. How many wives have to be out there cheating to give us all this awful reputation? What I know for sure is, I would never ever cheat on my husband. Even if I had to wait a decade for him to come home to me.

Has anything like this happened to you?


  1. That is messed up. They're not even subtle like, "Do you need a friend? Let's hang out." Talk about putting it out there. Geez.

    This hasn't happened to me, but then again, I don't go out much.

  2. This is horrible! That cashier should count himself lucky that you didn't outright slap him.

    As to the reputation of military wives...all I'll say is that my husband recently got a Rear-D command, and was told to expect wives of the deployed soldiers propositioning him from time to time in return for favors. I'm not worried about him being tempted in the least, but still...UGH! I would never so much as consider such a thing.

  3. Ew, disgusting. It's happened to me many times. I've even got " Well you're not married to him yet, so technically it's not cheating because in society you're single."....really? no.I would never cheat on Mr. Marine either, that's gross and sad. Why be with someone when you're just going to cheat on them? Do every one a favor and be single.

  4. I gotta say, us milwives have definitely made a name for ourselves. I seriously can only think of a select few soldiers I know who have not been through the cheating spouse thing.

    Frankly, saying "my husband is deployed" is practically a come-on at this point.

    So. Disgusting.

  5. I'm disgusted but not surprised. Unfortunately a number of military wives have ruined the reputation for the rest of us. In Norfolk there are actually bars known for their large number of military wives willing to hook up while their husbands are gone.

    As for me and my hubby...we said forsaking all others all the time. We didn't put an exception on it if we're on different continents. I wear my ring proudly and probably wear people out talking about him.

    Keep your head up!!

  6. That is disgusting. If someone had the nerve to say that to me in person, I think I would have punched them lol. I can't believe people are that forward and disrespectful.
    Found you on the link-up, now follower :)