Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye after two weeks of constantly being together sucked. Seriously sucked. As I was completely unable to control myself, I clung to husband and sobbed in the airport. People stared and I didn't even care. But one part of that awful day actually went my way. Let me start from the beginning...

Driving to the airport, I was trying to hold back tears and soak up all the love I could in the little time I had left. Before I knew it, we were in the parking garage, pulling his bags out of the car. Slowly, we walked to the ticketing counter, hand in hand. And it was there my small miracle happened. Not only was husband's flight delayed five and a half hours, I was given a special ticket that let me walk him all the way to the gate. With such unexpeded, good news at such an awful time, tears suddenly became the furthest thing from my mind. We were happy.

We left the airport, high on our small victory and spent every second of that extra time together. Eventually, we made it back to the airport and I used my special ticket to go through security to wait at the gate with husband. In our own little world, the annoucement of the flight boarding shocked me into instant tears. Suddenly, all my time was gone and it was time to say goodbye. As my tears fell onto husband's uniform, other wives walked away from their soldiers with smiles on their faces and not a tear in sight. I really don't know how they did it, because that goodbye was the worst of all we've gone through.

I still haven't recovered.


  1. I'm so sorry! :( Even though I'm so happy you got an extra 5 hours and be able to go with him to the gate, that still doesn't help the fact he's gone again. Keep your head high girl, I know you're strong!

  2. I'm like you...I'd have been crying. I'd have tried to be smiling, but I'm a crier. It's a good thing my husband has accepted it:) I'm glad you had a good two weeks with him!

  3. I'm sorry. Goodbyes are hard. B doesn't even take me to the airport cause he knows I can't handle it.

  4. That sounds rough!! so sorry... but hey the sooner they leave, the sooner they are home!!! :)


  5. The goodbyes are always tough. They were nice to us and gave us the special ticket so I could go to the gate too. It was nice since it delayed the goodbye a little bit. But I'm a crier too and I was a mess. But you will never be further from having him home than you were then.

  6. i have gone through deployments 2-3x a year for almost 9 years. It's never easy, some times it's slightly easi-er, but not really. I should totally be used to it by now! but we all hate to see our lovies leave us, but it just proves, we are stronger than we think we are.
    So glad you had those extra 5 hours! what a blessing!


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