Sunday, February 13, 2011


In the past few days, I have been a major Negative Nancy. Seriously, my grouchiness levels are so high that even I don't want to be near me. But luckily, in between all of my pouting, whining and slouching, two things have caused a smile to grace my lovely face.

#1: Most likely, my newest obsession.

What is it you ask?

It's the nookcolor!

And I love it! It's so fancy and new and I got the cutest little case for it. And with all the reading possibilities, I won't even have time to dwell on the fact that husband is gone again! Hopefully, anyway.

#2: As soon as husband got back to Sandland, he was told their "boots on the ground" date! As always with the Army, the date could change between now and then but I don't even care. Regardless of any changes, he will be home on or around that date so I already made my plans for my grand return to Hawaii.

And the best part is:

I got an amazing deal on a flight!

So now I just need to find more and more things to fill my remaining lonely days with happiness. I would really love to have another part time job to pass the time but I know that's completely unrealistic with my Hawaiian return fast-approaching. Perhaps I'll busy myself with losing the 5 pounds my butt gained while husband was home. By the time I accomplish that, maybe I'll have come up with a spectacularly fun plan for staying busy...any ideas?


  1. omg how did u manage to get a flight that cheap?!

  2. My idea more baby Nick time. He missed you, lets hang out