Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Spread of Hate

These people and their beliefs literally make me sick to my stomach. And they are here, in my state and all over the news. I can't get them off my mind. Why are they so hateful? Why do they believe the things they do? Why must they be so mean? I am so grateful to the state of Arizona for passing the law forcing them to stay 300 feet away from that poor little girl's funeral. But honestly, the more I think about it, the more I believe that really isn't good enough.

What do you think?


  1. My husband hates these assholes... *sigh*

    I mean, I don't believe or know much about god... But isn't he pretty much loved because he doesn't HATE anyone/anything? I mean, that's the whole premise right??? People are retarded.

  2. I follow your blog, and I'm from Southern Illinois in a really small town. A local marine was killed in Afghanistan in mid December and his funeral was just about a week- 2 weeks ago. There's crazy heartless people came to our small little town in the middle of no where to protest. We knew they were coming way before they arrived and our community joined together. There were over 10,000 People the came to our small town that day. Let me remind you, it was below zero degrees, Illinois has horrible winters. There were 4 protesters (The bad ones), and they had to call the towns police station to get protection and to be given a time and place where they could set up. They got to be 100 yards away from the church, and I'm not exaggerating, probably 30 cop cars where there. Even though I know for a fact our police men did NOT want to protect them, it's the law they had to. Over 10,000 people stood across from them on the over side of the street and we held memorial signs and american flags high and proud. Every time they would say something negative, we would scream out American pride songs..They were doing horrible things to the American and Marine flags..I know it's illegal in all states to treat the flags wrong, but in Illinois it's a class 4 felony. They all recieved that, even though I'm so happy they got punished, they still deserve so much more.

    I'm engaged to a Marine and I stood there for not only the fallen marine's family and friends, but for my Fiance'. I couldn't imagine that happening to him if something ever (Hopefully never) happened to him..They have rediculous websites and videos too. I wish there was a way to stop them. They don't understand our men and woman are over there GIVING them the right of freedom of speech.

  3. Personally, they disgust me. They make me sick and have ever since I heard about them protesting at soldiers' funerals...and now this. They do it all in the name of Christianity/God/Jesus/the Bible too and that just makes me ill because they just use that to excuse their hatred and terrorism, which is what they do.

    I strongly believe they will be very surprised when they're all burning in Hell because nothing I know about being a Christian (or a decent human being) lines up with what these people do. Love, grace, kindness, and treating others with compassion mean nothing to them.

    There is freedom of speech though(which you know, the soldiers whose grieving families they like to torture and the ones before them have fought and died to protect) so there's a sticky situation as far as making laws stick to prevent these people from doing what they do. I don't believe our rights should be bent to fit what the majority decides is pleasant or okay, because that's against why we have them, but I think there's a line between expressing your opinions and maliciously terrorizing people. There's no excuse to be at someone's funeral--especially an innocent child's--and just deepening the pain of those mourning simply because your little cult wants attention.

    I think they're awful, evil, and you bet your ass if they ever showed up at a funeral where I was present I'd be hard pressed to take the high road and not end up in jail for some violent crimes :-X.

    Hahaha that's just my two cents.

  4. I had no idea this was going on- how sickening!

    Besides all of the obvious anger I feel when hearing about something so hateful, I have to feel sad for them too. I cannot imagine living with so much hate inside of me. Their upbringing had to have been severely disfunctional to justify anything of this sort.

    It's really just horrendous.

  5. I am not a violent person and I hate violent reaction, but I have never wanted to punch someone in the face so badly! This makes me sick. Really! Who do they think they are!? They have the right to sit there and be assholes BECAUSE of the soldiers who are being killed!

  6. *jumps up and down* New post, new post, new post! LOL. How am I supposed to comment you back properly if your post is the same!? Jebus. LOL. :)