Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Love, My Valentine

Two years ago, Chris was deployed. We were "just friends". I sent him packages and letters and we talked all the time. One day, I opened the mail box to find a stack of pink and red cards, all addressed to me. Of course, they were from Chris. I flipped through the stack and found one was special...

...so I opened all of the other cards first. Some were goofy and some were super sweet. I loved every one of them. Then I got to the last card. Again, I read the note on the back: "This one's special. Open it last." Suddenly I was nervous. With shakey hands and a racing heart, I opened the card that would change my life, the card that told me Chris loves me. Less than 3 months later, Chris was home and we were engaged.

This Valentine's Day, it's my turn to do the surprising. Of course, nothing could ever top the card that changed it all, but regardless, husband deserves something special. So I got out my supplies and went to work on my masterpiece.

I cut. I glued. I shopped. I packed.

And I created the best surprise Valentine's Day box ever. The one that will greet husband with my love when he gets back to the sand after R&R. He'll open it and pretend it's cheesey, with it's pink paper and explosion of love. But secretly, he will love it. And when he gets to the card with the note that says, "This one's special. Open it last." he will smile. And he'll remember how our love began.


  1. such a cute story! AWE. :)

    Did you ever get the homecoming outfit down!?

  2. Hi I'm a new followers from the Round Up.

    What a sweet story!!

  3. What a great story!! I love sending my husband letters while he is deployed.

  4. So sweet! I'm sure he'll love it.