Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Steps

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but husband is going to be home for R&R very shortly. With all of the excitement over our upcoming reunion, I've been spending my time picking out the perfect homecoming outfit and thinking of all the fun things husband and I can do together once he's actually home. In the midst of all my shopping adventures and planning sessions, I almost overlooked a very important detail: my laundry situation.

As you may remember, I have not been the best housekeeper in husband's absence. But with his return fast approaching, I decided I needed to at least begin to consider addressing the issue. This meant that my ban on hangers needed to be lifted. Darn.

So a few days later, I gathered the unused hangers from my closet and walked over to my laundry pile. Looking down at the heap of clothes in front of me, I decided that just gathering the hangers was probably good enough for one day.

So I just set them on top of the clothes pile and went back to planning and shopping.

Eventually (as in many days later), I came back to stare at the pile again. This time, I was feeling a little more productive. In a gesture just short of a miracle, I sorted through the clothes and put all of the shirts onto hangers.

But then I got tired...and bored.
So I neatly (ok, not so neatly) put the shirts, hangers and all, onto the chair in the corner of my room, where they have remained untouched for the last three days.

Even now, as I stare at that pile of shirts across the room, I have absolutely no desire to actually put them in the closet. Who knew breaking this heathen habit was going to take so long? But hey, at least I made a little progress!



  1. Baby steps in the right direction! You'll get there:)

  2. "So I thought just gathering hangers was enough for one day"


    I started laughing so hard! So funny! Hehe