Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puppy Karma

Quite some time ago, I was driving close to home when something caught my eye: a little black puppy on the side of the road! Of course, I knew I had to try to save him so I very carefully came to a stop on the road next to him. Trying my best not to scare him away, I slowly opened my door. Then the craziest thing happened: instead of trying to run away, the little black puppy looked right at me and charged full speed ahead! Without hesitation, he jumped into my car, landing right in my lap. Shocked, I just closed the door and finished driving home, puppy and all. 

On the short ride home, we fell in love. That little puppy just sat calmly in my lap, waiting patiently to see his new home. Sadly, mom had other plans for him. Looking at his collar, she discovered that Howie already had a home and forced me to return him. When a little freckle-faced kid came to the door to claim his puppy, I felt a little better about returning him. But I would never forget Howie.

Thankfully, he didn't forget me either because recently, mom and I turned onto our block to see Howie in the neighbor's yard! Beyond excited, I instantly went to scoop him up where he just settled into my arms, best friends once again. We hung out for a while, but eventually, mom made me give him back [again]. Again, the little boy answered the door [who lets their small children answer the door to strangers anyway?] and took Howie out of my arms, not at all excited to see the return of my favorite little dog.

As I slumped back home with a frown on my face, mom gave me a little pep talk about how returning Howie was the right thing to do. I begrudgingly agreed, sad that poor Howie couldn't be mine. Our good deed didn't go unrewarded long though, becasue a few steps later mom looked down and saw our prize:

A whole dollar! But I have to say, next time I find Howie, I'm keeping him unless I get a 20!

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