Friday, June 3, 2011

Mustache Face

I have never been good at entertaining myself. Even as a child, I never liked to do things alone. My ability to become instantly lonely has carried over into adulthood and makes living alone quite difficult. During the times that I'm not running around on island adeventures...

 [My first sea turtle encounter]

 [Hiking at Kolekole Pass]

*Photos by Beckie

...I'm doing anything I can to keep busy inside the apartment. Since cleaning is boring and obviously out, I've come up with an array of activities to keep myself occupied until Husband makes his appearance. Today, my activity of choice was waxing...

[My wax mustache face.]

Let's just say, waxing and boredom do not mix.
Lesson learned.


  1. I am the same way with this deployment- the bordom overtakes me and I find myself just sleeping... or sitting in the yard... or go, go, going anywhere to not be alone! They will be over soon :D

    AND: PS- can you say amazing pictures. How blessed to live somewhere so gorgeous!

  2. Lol. Just as a tip another thing that doesn't mix well with waxing? Alcohol. My friend in college had a habit of waxing while inebriated, until she got her ponytail stuck in her bikini wax ;-) Hope you can keep yourself occupied!