Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Crazy Army Wife

Sometimes, when your husband is deployed, you turn into a giant loser and you just go a little crazy. You spend your Friday nights sitting around watching Say Yes To The Dress and thinking about the beautiful wedding you had. You think of how happy you were that day and how your husband was actually home. Then you think of your wedding dress upstairs in the closet and you want to try it on. So you do.

You twirl and realize that your dress is about 3 sizes too big so you have to sit down. Then you become the crazy Army wife sitting around in her wedding dress missing her deployed husband.

Man, I'm such a loser.


  1. Awww! I can so see myself doing that. I am actually watching "Girl Meets Gown" right now haha. Except we don't get married until October, but I really want to try my dress on again!

  2. YAY for the dress being too big! If I had my dress here, I probably would try it on too:)

  3. this totally sounds like something that i would do... lol. & i have to say, i just love that pic of u sittin in the dress showin ur feet!! its adorable!!!!

  4. So sweet...

    Just look on the bright side:

    1. You're wedding dress is too big- BOO YAH! (I wouldn't be able to button mine).

    2. You weren't doing it alone (I see feet in the background, which means you must be borderline socially acceptable at least)

    3. Say Yes to the Dress is awesome, and your hubs will appreciate that he didn't have to sit through it

    4. The photo of your feet is adorable.

    5. Being crazy is fun, and gives you tons more to write about.

    6. You didn't get pizza sauce on your dress while you faced your sorrow head one. At least, you didn't mention that....

    Chin up, there's an end to the madness somewhere...