Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It started...

...with baby fever. Because really, who wouldn't want a miniature version of Chris running around? In case you're thinking you wouldn't, here are some pictures to change your mind:

[Sorry about the picture quality. I know it's hard to see. This is one of four pictures of Chris as a child and this is how it was given to me. He's the middle one in light blue by the way.]

See! How could anyone resist that adorable, little face?! Plus, I'm pretty sure the fact that he looks just like his dad guarantees our babies really will be little versions of him.

Anyway, back to the story of my baby fever. So with Chris being gone for the next however many months, I needed to find some new things to occupy my time. My first obsession came in the form of babies! All things babies! Someone needs me to watch their baby for the day? Done! Someone else needs a baby shower planned? Done! I'm sure you get the point. I really, really want a baby!

Much to my surprise however, today my obsession switched to something new.  What one earth could deter me from my incredible obsession with babies, you may ask?



Buying and fixing up a house to be exact. Not necessarily this house of course. Actually, Chris would hate this house. The whole cookie cutter house thing isn't his style. But I love it. Hopfully this obsession doesn't last too long because right now all I can think about is how fun it would be to put in one of those cute, little tile backsplashes.

Maybe this is why I shouldn't drink caffeine...

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