Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Sweet Post

"Welcome to Schofield Barracks ma'am" are perhaps some of the most glorious words I have ever heard. Goodbye Mililani, Hello Schofield Barracks.

The Mililani apartment looks innocent from the outside, but the inside was filled with spiders, smelly couches and messy, messy roommates. We are not at all sad to say goodbye.

Home sweet post!

A lot of people complain about post housing because the homes don't have central air conditioning or carpet, but Chris and I are more than thrilled to be living here. Not only is Chris now just minutes away from work (which means almost half an hour more sleep!) but this house is bug free too! It's more than we could have ever asked for. Now all we have to do is get the air conditioner installed in the window and we'll be in Hawaiian heaven. In the mean time, we'll be enjoying a weekend full of private military beaches and hopefully, one giant shaved ice.

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