Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deployment Ceremony

Thursday was the 2nd Stryker Brigate Combat Team deployment ceremony on Sills Field and of course, I was there.

There were rows and rows of soldiers, over 3000 in all.

Over 3000 soldiers stood in formation on the field as Col. Frost, the Brigade Commander, announced their accomplishments during previous deployments and gave the brigade their new mission. He then called for the Brigade and Batallion flags to be "cased", which is just a fancy ceremony where they are wrapped and prepared for the plane ride to Iraq. In the end, all 3000 soldiers soluted in unison as the Army song played. It wasn't at all like I expected but it was awesome to see so many soldiers ready to fight for their country. Good luck boys! Hooah!

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  1. i know im a lot late posting on this, but these pictures are amazing. you know the saying a photo is worth a thousand words?!
    for some reason, theyre really emotional to me.