Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battle Buddies

I always love it when Chris comes home for lunch, even though normally he's just home long enough to grab a sandwich. Today Chris brought Davidson home with him and they had an hour and a half lunch. Naturally, I was super excited because hanging out alone in the apartment all day is not my idea of fun. Well, within 2 minutes of the two stepping foot in the door, both were sleeping. So much for some company!

(Yes, this is Davidson sleeping. Chris would have woken up if I tried to take his picture. Davidson on the other hand, is known for sleeping through anything.)

While they were sleeping, I decided to be productive and bake some cookies. Really, who wouldn't want to wake up from a nap to a freshly baked cookie? Obviously the guys were pretty grateful because when they left, there were only 5 left. Oh, well. I probably should have known :]. I love my Army man and I'll gladly make cookies for any of the "Battle Buddies" he brings home.

1 comment:

  1. I love making funfetti cookies! especially for people who've never had them before, they make that person think you're a genius!