Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New and Very Improved

I'm not going to lie, moving from my Mom's beautiful house into a small Hawaiian bedroom was not easy. I may or may not have cried upon first glance. Luckily, very recently the Hawaiian people got smart and got their very first Target! Thank goodness for me since Target is my home away from home!

I was so excited to be there that I made Chris wait for me so I could get a picture. [Yes, he thinks I'm wierd.] Thanks to Target and wedding gift cards, I was able to upgrade our bedding from Spiderman sheets to this lovely, new bed set.

This bed may not look like much, but when I got here Chris was sleeping on an old mattress on the floor with a Spiderman comforter. The first day that I arrived on the island we fixed that. There are still a lot of upgrades that need to take place but new bedding and a bed frame put us on the right track!

Our beautiful new bathroom! I can not even tell you how happy I am that we got all of our bath accessories as wedding gifts. The bathroom looks a thousand percent better! I should have taken a before picture so the greatness of the transformation could be fully grasped. Oh well.

Our next step is going to be trading in these plastic drawers for a real dresser. Hopefully then Chris will stop throwing stuff all over the tops of them and making the room look messy! Apparently the word organization means nothing to him unless it's referring to his Army gear!

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