Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving Day

It's official! I am now Mrs. Megan Liberato! And along with the new name comes a new home! In a few short days I will be off to live with the hubby in Hawaii!

[taken at the rehearsal dinner]

So, being as excited as I was about becoming a Mrs., I decided that it was a great idea to make my flight to Hawaii as soon as possible. Little did I know that packing everything in such a short time is next to impossible. It also doesn't help that shipping things to Hawaii costs an arm and a leg, almost literally. Luckily, I have an amazing brother who happens to work at the UPS Store and ships flat rate boxes for free.

My big suitcase ended up being full of bath towels and Chris' brand new printer that he got for Christmas [which would have cost $66 to ship regularly]. That means I had to squeeze all my clothes into my two smaller carry on suitcases. Let me tell you, if you need to fit a lot of clothes into a not so big space, rolling everything is the answer! I fit twice as many things in my bag using the rolling technique!

So for the most part, I think my whole life for the next 8 months fits into these two bags. I don't know whether that's really impressive or a little sad. Either way, I'm off to Hawaii to live in paradise with my husband. Welcome to the life of an Army wife.

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